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Crafted Cocktails



Through the year we provide a cocktail list of our own RECIPES and signature cocktails and of course pretty miuch every classic you can think of.

all our fruits and ingredients are fresh and local & Our cocktail recipes my own and special

come by and enjoy the atmosphere we provide for you.


Cocktail Menu

A choise from the Executive Bartender

Pistachio alexander: Pistachio Infused Metaxa, Orgeat, Cream, Fresh Pistachio.. Delicious after dinner cocktail, full bodied heavy and flavoursome.

Watermelon Margarita: This refreshing classic is made even better now, with freshly prepared watermelon daily, deseeded cut and frozen for night time, the freezing process is daily and is to improove the finish of the drink… Reposado tequila fresh lime and a spoon of raw cane sugar replacing the triple sec blended and served frozen… delicious…

Pk Mojito: Mint grown all year round in Vassilis’s gardens, freshly plucked per order, fresh squeezed lime, raw cane sugar, ground in a pesto & mortar, pompero rum in a tall glass with smashed ice and topped up with natural lemon soda… a twist on the original and a true champ….




Speciality Coffee


morning till 3 P.M.

As we are a cocktail bar, we see coffee and tea as a boost through the day. We provide you fresh ground coffee and local hand picked teas , PREPARED to perfection every daily until 3 p.m


Enjoy fine cuban Cigars at PK..

We stock a selection of fine cuban & greek cigars stored just right in our humidor waiting to be smelt… cut…… and……… smoked.