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Crafted Cocktails


Through the year we provide a cocktail list of our own RECIPES and signature cocktails and of course pretty miuch every classic you can think of.

all our fruits and ingredients are fresh and local & Our cocktail recipes my own and special

come by and enjoy the atmosphere we provide for you.



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Cocktail Menu

A choise from the Executive Bartender

The 300: Metaxa 12* poured over ice in a Japanese glass staring jar, organic honey and home made Mediterranean bitters, cinnamon wood chips smoked and savoured in the jar, and swirled to infuse the metaxa. served at your table over a large ice cube,

Greggs style: This refreshing Tiki style Sailor jerry based drink is with fresh lime, orange juice, Dissaronno and Apricot brandy shaken hard and served chilled in a tall tiki glass.

Mr Grey’s Fizz : Earl Grey tea infused Bombey Sapphire Gin, Fresh squeezed Lemon, raw cane sugar shaken hard and served in a tall glass topped up with soda, refreshing and dry and lovely classic twist.