47 years of excellence

Fira’s first and finest cocktail bar


Our Story

for 48 years pk cocktail bar is the longest running bar on Santorini. Mr Pk- Gregory, built every part of this iconic building, being the first he had to learn alot about cocktail culture which wasn’t a part of greek life, he STUDIED and sourced all exquisite spirits and liquors and pk began. he recently passed away leaving me, his son Vassilis and my fantastic team the honour  and responsibility of providing & upholding the excellence of PK. We all love what we do and want to give you an unforgettable time here. The 2024 season is coming, along with our lower level renovations and new “vip” room… 2024 will be an event packed season with Dj’s & Entertainers for your  Best experience ever..

We look forward to your visit soon….

2024 Season

We’ve been busy this winter


2024 is an an exciting year for pk..
 Last year we built our firt staff ACCOMMODATIONS up in my estate in pyrgos one for the girls and one for the guys finally giving our staff a little bit of comfort and luxury.
 Our in house production laboratory is expanding, over the years i have been training our dedicated specialist mixologist VEsna who works with myself and the team, creating new ideas, RECIPES, more sustainable local fresh infusions, purees and concoctions.
we are undergoing multiple renovations on all three levels. So excuse us through the inter month if it m,ay be a little messsy some times.


The Team


The Team

What really makes the difference is our team, We have all put blood sweat and tears to make a business and team succeed. A passionate, strong leader and team make for the best experience …
The owner Me, Vassilis Chryssos, Greek, born and raised in London. Iv worked many different jobs, and always held a second job in a bar somewhere…later on studying more of the history and pleasures of alcohol and social consumption, I applied this adapting my fathers bar and stepped into a new era of PK. Our complete drinks and service program is an example of our passion and the love and support behind me.
Our manager- antonis apostolopoulos- Greek born from patra, has been part of the PK team on and off for years6 now, devoted and passionate to providing a lovely experience from behind the bar. A friendly very energetic gentleman, always happy to please. Its his first year in the position of manager and we are expecting a fantastic season ahead with even higher standards than ever.
our  mixologist- VESNA marcovic, serbian born. Has been my friend for over 17 years and worked for us i think around 6 years she is very PASSIONATE about her drinks sand between me and her run the complete drinks program. .