2017 Jobs

Our base team is complete however we are always looking for thirsty new talent to expand our arsenal..

Applicants must be competent in english, personable, comfortable talking to strangers, punctual, and most of all willing to work hard as part of the PK Team…

Please write a minimum of one side stating, why you want the job, prior experience, about you, your hobby’s, interests, maybe a bit about your personal life, its nice to know a little about you before talking, and please include an up to date CV.

The second stage is by telephone or skype.

The final interview process, requires an in person interview with my self and all the available PK Team. The most important part to my team is not, how knowledgeable or efficient you are, but how we can all get along in  harmony and help each other become better and be as efficient as possible to provide the best customer experience..

We thank you in advance for all applications..