Cocktail Menu

A choise from the Executive Bartender

Pistachio alexander: Pistachio Infused Metaxa, Orgeat, Cream, Fresh Pistachio.. Delicious after dinner cocktail, full bodied heavy and flavoursome.

Watermelon Margarita: This refreshing classic is made even better now, with¬†freshly prepared watermelon daily, deseeded cut and frozen for night time, the freezing process is daily and is to improove the finish of the drink.. Reposado tequila fresh lime and a spoon of raw cane sugar replacing the triple sec blended and served frozen.. delicious…


Pk Mojito: Mint grown all year round in Vassilis’s gardens, freshly plucked per order, fresh squeezed lime, raw cane sugar, ground in a pesto & mortar, pompero rum in a tall glass with smashed ice and topped up with natural lemon soda… a twist on the original and a true champ….