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Our Story

It is our 40th year of business here on Santorini, Greece. My father opened years ago on the lower terrace, the building built mostly himself, including the mosaic floor, tables, chairs & fencing with the help of me Vassilis, his son, friends and other family. It took years of hard work and care. To this day, me and my team still put in the same care and effort to uphold what PK Cocktail Bar offers today. 

Our business ethic is simple, to provide you the best. We have always been drawn to the use of natural fresh premium quality produce. Our garden has expanded this year, apart from providing all of our own organic mint, now we produce our own tomato juice, even the bitters and purees are all made in house.

Should you wish to learn more about our history or location, there is a light publication available. Written by one of our beloved customers, Marcia johnson, a nutrition specialist who has been visiting our bar for years. this publication is available for purchase online at http://www.blurb.com/b/7327068-palia-kameni-cocktail-bar-the-gem-of-the-aegean.


2017 Season

Stunning sunsets, peace & relaxation.

The summer season is starting, still in the winter season on Santorini, it is beautiful, peaceful and quiet. In the recent years tourism has picked up on Santorini during the winter, however is still very minimal, around 100 hotels are open, a hand full of shops open, a truly peaceful time.

PK stays open, and this is the time we get creative, making all our experiments and recipes for the following seasons, so a great time to join us. We are one of the only businesses open in Fira’s caldera and are open daily from 10am-10pm. with full season kicking off 1st of April.

We love the winter months, we are more relaxed have more time to spend with you, our customers and show you the real hospitable side of greece.

So come along for some amazing drinks and great company !!

Please feel free to email us, should you be planning a winter trip and need any help or advise.

The Team


The Team

Asides from the view, setting and drinks what really makes the difference is our team… Each of them are hand selected and picked for their passion, attentiveness and care, these are the guys who make your time special.

Owner & Executive Bartender- Vassilis Chryssos, British Greek, born and raised in london. He worked many jobs, enjoying the demand and pace of the hospitality industry always held a second job in a bar or restaurant somewhere… Many years of cocktail service and later on studying the science of alcohol and consumption, applied these years of experience to PK, adapting his fathers menu and creating a new era of PK drinks. Our complete drinks and service program is an example of His passion and care for the ultimate social drinking experience…

General Manager – Stefan Alexa- Romanian born, Stefan has lived on santorini for the past 8 years, and provided PK his services for the past three. Stefan  recently earning the respect and trust to hold such a position of General Manager. His main focus at Pk to make sure every customer leaves happy & maintain our service and standards always. He is Friendly and open never feel shy to ask him anything, he knows santorini better than most of the greek born locals..

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